How satisfied are you with your project organization? Is your project consistent, clear and logically structured? Do all project associates have sufficient resources and expertise to ensure the success of the project?

alexskotnik Management Consulting guides you into independent solutions for your project management processes - in single and in multi-project management. We support project managers and project teams from planning through implemen­tation, to ongoing support, through to successful completion. We are also available for the processing of specific tasks.

  • Project Coaching
    Planning properly, avoiding obstacles, achieving goals - benefit from the expertise of an internationally experienced coach on your project
  • Project Success Coaching
    The clear picture of success – builds confidence and increases team commitment
  • Program Coaching
    Keeping track and managing complexity - comprehensive support for program managers
  • Process Coaching
    Systematic guidance through the process jungle - to quickly identify success-related issues
  • Individual Coaching
    Your personal coach as a sparring partner – to skillfully overcome difficulties in a project
  • Team Coaching
    Take advantage of the strengths and the group dynamics within a team to ensure the project’s success –completely redefine „teamwork”